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House 1 House 2 House 3 House 4
Shaniqua Amanda Jack Dawn
Seirra Debbie Hunter Monica
Roman Liz Salvator Candice
Kim Nikki Beth Elissa
Victor Fred Heather Tanner
Ed Jerri Antonio Todd
Peyton Rachel John Russell
Hayden Parvati Brett Rupert
Colton David Keith Lain
Eric Elyse Haylee Jacob

40th- Shaniqua (6-1) |- 39th- Nikki (5-2) |- 38th- Salvator (4-3) |- 37th- Todd (5-2) |- 36th- Roman (4-3) |- 35th- Parvati (4-3) |- 34th- Jack (5-1) |- 33rd- Monica (4-2) |- 32nd- Hayden (4-1) |- 31st- Amanda (3-2) |- 30th- Brett (3-2) |- 29th- Jacob (3-2) |- 28th- Ed (3-2) |- 28th- Liz (3-2) |- 26th- Hunter (3-1)

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Original Houses
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5
Kim Shaniqua Roman
Victor Shaniqua Roman
Ed Shaniqua
Peyton Ed
Hayden Sierra Roman
Colton Shaniqua Ed
Eric Shaniqua Ed
Roman Shaniqua

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